Come to tryout the Brno Amazons and expand our squad! What American football is all about? You never played it or do you know football and would you like to start with it? Then tryout is just the right place to begin! Do you think your physical ability is not enough? It does not matter. In addition to teaching you all about football, you will also go through physical training with experienced fitness trainers.

WHO CAN COME? Whether you are blonde, brunette or hairless, you are 60 inches tall or twice as big, are you skinny so that you don't like windy weather or you would rather shake it to the rhythm of Lizzo's "Tempo"? There is room for everyone in football. All you have to do is make a decision and come to tryout! We welcome all women and girls from 16 to 40 years of age, all weight categories (for example from 50 to 150 kg).

Do not be scared. Throw the whole time of tryout there will be the most experienced Amazons players to guide you. You will try the basic football drills, you will find out what football means and your questions will be answered by our coaches!